About me

I’m Janet aka Yani or Poeticgurl. I am a stay at home retired mother due to a stroke in my early 30s. Cooking and baking has always been my favorite hobby.  I love cooking our traditional Puerto Rían dishes and desserts for our family gatherings. I’ve managed to recreate some of these traditional food and dessert recipes into my ketogenic lifestyle.
My family’s honest critic is extremely important because it molds me into a better Chef.  I have not attended any culinary school but my best teacher ever was my grandma. She taught me that cooking with love it’s transmitted via your hands.

 I began the keto diet with intermittent fasting two months ago. I’ve have lost 30 pounds.  Hopefully during this keto lifestyle I will share my recipes and my weight loss progress. I’m shooting to lose 52 pounds to reach my goal weight.

In the meantime my cooking and baking will have that Latin twist.  I love cooking with flavor so. I’m not afraid of mixing spices and herbs.  I love cooking other people recipes from different cultures.

I can’t wait to start sharing with you all the delightful meals on my mindful budget. Also feel free to criticize my poetry.  Cooking and writing are my passions. Therefore, they both are my therapeutic tools. Please feel free to contact me through ketolicious_now page in Facebook or my blog @ poeticgurl [dot] com.

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