Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Binge Eating

Eating became my haven since my childhood.  Food became my comfort to fulfill the loss of my father.  One minute I lived with my dad and with the blink of an eye I wasn’t.  I suffered the bad choices of my mother’s vendetta towards my father.  My world was turned upside down when I was taken to another state to live.  As a child to be faced with this cruel reality was hard to comprehend.  I was faced with living with complete strangers even if they were my family members.  My father was a strict dad but protected me as much as he could.  I was brought to a dysfunctional home where I was mistreated.  Add to that household alcoholism emotional and physical abuse.

Definitely I grew up with major emotional issues that I’ve carried throughout my entire life.  Still up to this day those scars lay heavy on my soul.  From time to time I struggle with these demons even though I can cope with them better.  I must say Ketogenic lifestyle has taught me to have a little more self control.  This is my biggest struggle to let go of food for comfort and learn to eat for pleasure.  A major turn around can’t wait to completely heal as I adjust to this life changing experience.

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